Introduction to the Department

The Department of Immunology serves as the focal point for research and education in immunology at Duke. The departmental structure provides a tremendous advantage in that immunology has a physical home that facilitates cohesiveness and interactions among faculty, students, postdoctoral fellows, and staff.  Read more 

Department History

The Department of Immunology at Duke University Medical Center was established in 1992, but its foundations were laid 30 years earlier. In 1962, Barnes Woodhall, the new Dean of the School of Medicine , “Connie” Gardner, Acting Chair of the Department of Surgery, and Phillip Handler, Chair of Biochemistry and later President of the National Academy of Science, recruited D. Bernard Amos, a tumor immunogeneticist, to Duke from Roswell Park Memorial Institute. Read more

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The Department of Immunology offers undergraduate research opportunities, for both Duke and non-Duke students.  Research topics cover various aspects of contemporary immunobiology, including mechanisms of lymphoid lineage commitment and lymphocyte development, mechanisms of antigen receptor gene recombination and mutation, mechanisms of lymphocyte activation, effector function and homeostasis, mechanisms of innate immunity and defense against bacterial and viral pathogens, and mechanisms of autoimmunity.  Dr. Weiguo Zhang is the Director of Undergraduate Studies with the department of Immunology.  Please review the individual interests of our faculty and contact them directly to inquire about research opportunities in their laboratories. 
IMM544 is the department's undergraduate introduction to Immunology course. 

Remembering Bernard Amos

The annual D. Bernard Amos Research Lecture was established by the Department of Immunology to honor his memory and recognize his many contributions to medical research, education and service. Read more