DNA Analysis Facility



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207 Research Drive, Room 135, Box 3010
Durham, NC  27710
P:  919.613.7831
Email:  sequence@mc.duke.edu

                    Genomic Services


Capillary Sanger DNA Sequencing
♦ Full-service DNA sequencing samples
♦ Ready-to-run DNA sequencing samples


IDT oligonucleotide Purchasing
♦ Lowest cost on Duke campus
♦ Optional on-campus delivery available via CCF delivery service


Ion Torrent PGM NGS
♦ Cancer mutation panels
♦ AmpliSeq libraries
♦ 16S rDNA sequencing
♦ Custom library NGS


Capillary Fluorescent Fragment Analysis
♦ Human Cell Line Authentication by STR Profiling
♦ Genotyping - Microsatellites, STR's, RFLP's
♦ Custom Projects


♦ QuantiStudio 12K Flex instrument - Medium throughput projects using Openarray slides, microfludic (384 well) array cards
♦ ABI 7500 Fast self-service instrument
♦ TaqMan® and SYBR® Green
♦ SNP genotyping, gene expression and CNV assays
♦ Mouse Speed Congenics genoytyping (250 SNP's)


DNA / RNA / Plasmid Sample Prep
♦ Robotic AMPure PCR Fragment Purification
♦ Automated Qiagen PLasmid DNA Preps
♦ Automated gDNA Preps - mouse tail, blood, other tissues
♦ We can use almost any Qiagen sample prep kit