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Safe Spaces Series

The Immunology Department EDI Committee hosts “Safe Space Series" events each month.  The goal of this series is to provide a judgment-free and hierarchy-free setting for all members of the department to ask difficult questions, engage in productive dialogues, and learn from one another. Each month, we will be discussing a resource (e.g. article, podcast, TED Talk, etc.) that will act as a catalyst for important conversations. The resource will be distributed ahead of time and the reading/watching/listening is encouraged but not required for anyone who wants to attend. Event information will be distributed via email.

Racism and Microaggressions

Racism has been a problem in our country since its inception. Although progress has been made, there is still much left to do. One thing that each of us can do to improve our own understanding of racism and how it can insidiously sneak into our daily lives is to learn how microaggressions manifest and how they perpetuate racism and other forms of exclusion. We strive to make Duke Immunology a welcoming environment where the best and the brightest can come together to foster scientists and staff to achieve their potential.

We encourage everyone to learn about the concepts of systemic racism and microaggression. Here is a collection of resources that each of us can engage in:


PRIDE Training

In an effort to increase diversity, equity and inclusion within our Department, we encourage everyone to attend the following training series:  Pursuing Respect, Inclusion/Intersectionality, Diversity, and Equity (PRIDE) offered by the Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity (CSGD). This training is the CSGD’s signature educational program aimed at increasing awareness of issues impacting those with marginalized sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions.

To make it easy and convenient to attend this training, our EDI committee will occasionally schedule department-specific training sessions with the CSGD that is integrated into our normal seminar time. These sessions will be announced well in advance as part of our normal scheduled seminar series released at the beginning of each semester. However, we greatly encourage everyone to attend the additional training sessions offered by the CSGD!

Details about all available trainings offered by the CSGD may be found here.

Historically they have changed the day and time of the trainings each semester, so if the current trainings conflict with your schedule, make sure to check back next semester!

Additionally, these trainings are eligible for RCR credit for Graduate and Professional Students. If you would like these trainings to count towards your RCR credit, please mention that in the “Is there anything else you would like to share that would be helpful for the facilitators to know?” comment section of registration.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about members of our community and what we can do to support them!


Safe Space Placard

We want the best and brightest to join Duke Immunology! To support this goal, our EDI committee seeks to find simple ways that we can make meaningful improvements to our training environment by increasing equity, diversity, and inclusion within our department. One step we have taken is to increase visible signage within our department, by creating our own “Safe Space” Placard, which states that all people are welcome and respected within our department. This placard is a public signal that communicates that our department is accepting, welcoming, and full of allies. We welcome people of diverse ethnicities, races, mental health conditions, different physical abilities, diverse countries of origin, different religions, occupations, gender identities, orientations, and from a range of ages. We encourage everyone to post this at their desk and/or lab. This is a simple step that we believe shows how welcoming our department truly is!

Safe Space Placard


Download the Safe Space Placard:         Safe Space Placard

Download the Safe Space Vertical PNG: Safe Space Vertical PNG


Pronoun Display

We strive to counteract exclusion and show LGBTQ+ people at large that Duke University and our Department of Immunology value inclusion.

We encourage you to add your pronouns to both your email signature and zoom name. The primary impetus for this is to show our colleagues in the trans community that we are making an effort to respect their proper pronouns, and to welcome them into our community. However, we believe that pronoun display makes a much greater impact beyond the trans community by signaling to the full LGBTQ+ community that you are open to including them as well. One simple step on our quest for inclusion can have a big impact!

Download instructions on how to add pronouns to your Outlook and Zoom signatures plus additional pronoun resources:



Additional EDI Resources*

Duke supports numerous centers and organizations that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. These include the Center for Multicultural Affairs, the Duke Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity, the Women’s Center, and many more. A summary of links to these many different resources is compiled here.  

*With thanks to Duke Department of Population Health Sciences for compiling this helpful table of resources.