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Business Staff

Darren Carlino

Darren Carlino

Staff Assistant & Human Resources Administrator
(919) 684-9659

Darren supports the department as the Procurement Specialist.  He helps the labs with all of their ordering needs. As the HR Representative, he helps onboard all new employees as well as helps with any questions in that area.  He also works as the Payroll, Accounts Payable, and Travel/ Reimbursement Rep. Darren has worked for Duke since 2011.

Jennifer Goins

Chairman Admin & Program Coordinator for Graduate Studies
(919) 684-3578

Jennifer came to Duke in 2003 after several years in the financial and software industries. Her first position at Duke was in the Endowment Office where she enjoyed serving Development Officers, the Office of Alumni Relations and Gift records. She moved to Immunology in 2005 to work with graduate students and faculty in her multifaceted role.

Todd Leovic

Todd Leovic

Business Manager
(919) 684-5726

Todd is the Business Manager for the Department of Immunology. A graduate of the University of Denver, Todd has been at Duke for over 30 years. Todd has developed a strong sense of devotion for Duke and is well connected within the Duke community.

Bobbi N. Tucker, CRA

Grants & Contract Manager
(919) 684-2895

Bobbi is a Grants and Contracts Manager who has worked at Duke since September 2000.  She provides research administration support for the faculty and students, including, but not limited to pre and post award management. Bobbi’s primary faculty members are Drs. Gianna E. Hammer, You-Wen He, Garnett H. Kelsoe, Michael S. Krangel, Qi-Jing Li and Thomas T. Tedder.

Kasey Wrenn

Kasey Wrenn

Grants & Contracts Administrator
(919) 613-7816

Kasey provides research administration support for faculty and students, which includes pre and post-award grants management. She has worked in the Department of Immunology since 2015, and has been with Duke for 4+ years. Kasey’s primary faculty members are Drs. Maria Ciofani, Mari Shinohara, Weiguo Zhang, and Yuan Zhuang.