Required Graded Coursework

Graded coursework should be completed within the first two years of the program. 24 hours of graded coursework is required including the following Immunology core courses. Students must obtain a B grade to meet programmatic requirements. 

Course Requirement

  IMM544 IMM701D IMM731S/732S IMM791A/791B IMM800 IMM601 IMM735/736 Electives IMM544-TA Total Graded Credits Minimum Requirement
  Principles Pillars WIP/Seminar Rotation Comprehensive Human Disease Dept JC     with electives
Graded Credit # 3 1 4 4 3 1 0 8 0  
IMM PhD Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 24
MSTP No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No No  9
Surgery No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No 13

*Graded credits earned from the BIOTRAIN grant writing course can be counted in the minimum 24 graded credits required for IMM PhD students.

*MSTP students are exempt from IMM 544, the IMM 544 teaching requirement, IMM 791A/791B (laboratory rotations), mini-courses and electives courses.

*Surgery T32 students are exempt from the IMM 544 teaching requirement.

*As of Fall 2022, all students including MSTP and Surgery T32 students, will be required to take the BIOTRAIN 720 grant writing course.

  • IMM 544 Principles of Immunology (3 credits)
    Graduate Curriculum
  • IMM 701D Pillars of Immunology (1 credit)
  • IMM 731S Immunology Seminar (1 credit x 4 semesters)         1st & 2nd year students
  • IMM 791A/791B Research in Immunology (4 credits)
  • IMM 601 Immunology of Human Disease (1 credit as of Fall 2020)
  • IMM 800 Comprehensive Immunology (3 credits)

For electives, which includes mini-courses and regular courses, please reference the Basic Sciences Master Course Listing and consult with the Director of Graduate Studies.

Required Non-Graded Coursework

Immunology students are required to enroll in these two courses annually through completion of the program.

  • IMM 732S Immunology Seminar (1 credit per semester, 3rd year students and beyond)
  • IMM 735/736 Topics in Immunology (1 credit per semester, starting in spring, starting in 1st year spring)

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

All Ph.D. students (including MSTP students) are required to participate in a specified number of hours of RCR training as required by The Graduate School, encompassing BIOTRAIN 750, 751, 753, 754, and two RCR forum electives in Year 5+. Details of the RCR training are described here on the OBGE website.

Each student's participation in RCR training will be monitored by The Graduate School or Medical School, and the student will be notified when this requirement has been met.

*MSTP students must complete the RCR track appropriate for their department or program of study.  

Teaching Requirements

All students are required to participate in one semester of supervised teaching. The Program in Immunology believes doctoral students should be prepared to teach at the university level. Thus, the Program requires one semester of supervised teaching to undergraduate and graduate students in IMM 544 (Principles of Immunology) or to graduate students in IMM 701D (Pillars of Immunology). In IMM 544, trainees lead discussions and make didactic presentations within the framework of faculty-led classes. In IMM 701D, trainees take primary responsibility for all aspects of the course, with faculty oversight. The teaching requirement will normally be completed by the third year of doctoral training.