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David M. Tobin, PhD

Associate Professor of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Campus Mail: 207 Research Drive, 219 Jones, Box 3020, Durham, NC 27710
Phone: (919) 684-9152

Tuberculosis: Mycobacterial Pathogenesis and Host Susceptibility

Tuberculosis kills 1.5 million people annually. Our laboratory aims to understand the intricate interplay between mycobacteria and their hosts using a combination of model organism genetics, human genetics, pharmacology and high-resolution microscopy. By identifying key pathways utilized by the infecting bacteria and the host innate immune system, we hope to discover new therapeutic targets and interventions to combat this enduringly destructive disease.

Using a Mycobacterium/zebrafish model, we have identified new host susceptibility loci for tuberculosis. Zebrafish are natural hosts to Mycobacterium marinum, the closest relative of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex. Because zebrafish embryos and larvae are optically transparent, we are able to visualize the complex details of mycobacterial pathogenesis in whole, live animals. The facile genetics of the zebrafish allow us to map and positionally clone affected host susceptibility genes. In addition, zebrafish larvae are remarkably permeable to small molecules, providing a platform for whole-animal pharmacological manipulation of specific host immune responses.

We have identified novel pathways that modulate susceptibility to tuberculosis. We have shown that genes identified in the zebrafish model are also important in human tuberculosis. We find robust associations of human variants in a specific eicosanoid pathway with susceptibility to both tuberculosis and leprosy.

We have active collaborations in both Vietnam and Guatemala. In Guatemala, we are working with the Clínica Familiar Luis Angel García and the Asociación de Salud Integral to support projects involving HIV-infected patients and to understand the dynamics of TB transmission in Central America.

Education and Training

  • Ph.D., University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine, 2002

Selected Publications

Cronan, MR, Beerman, RW, Rosenberg, AF, Saelens, JW, Johnson, MG, Oehlers, SH, Sisk, DM, Jurcic Smith, KL, Medvitz, NA, Miller, SE, Trinh, LA, Fraser, SE, Madden, JF, Turner, J, Stout, JE, Lee, S, and Tobin, DM. "Macrophage Epithelial Reprogramming Underlies Mycobacterial Granuloma Formation and Promotes Infection." Immunity 45, no. 4 (October 2016): 861-876.

Full Text

Beerman, RW, Matty, MA, Au, GG, Looger, LL, Choudhury, KR, Keller, PJ, and Tobin, DM. "Direct In Vivo Manipulation and Imaging of Calcium Transients in Neutrophils Identify a Critical Role for Leading-Edge Calcium Flux." Cell Rep 13, no. 10 (December 15, 2015): 2107-2117.

Full Text

Cronan, MR, Rosenberg, AF, Oehlers, SH, Saelens, JW, Sisk, DM, Jurcic Smith, KL, Lee, S, and Tobin, DM. "CLARITY and PACT-based imaging of adult zebrafish and mouse for whole-animal analysis of infections." Disease models & mechanisms 8, no. 12 (December 2015): 1643-1650.

Full Text

Saelens, JW, Lau-Bonilla, D, Moller, A, Medina, N, Guzmán, B, Calderón, M, Herrera, R, Sisk, DM, Xet-Mull, AM, Stout, JE, Arathoon, E, Samayoa, B, and Tobin, DM. "Whole genome sequencing identifies circulating Beijing-lineage Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains in Guatemala and an associated urban outbreak." Tuberculosis (Edinb) 95, no. 6 (December 2015): 810-816.

Full Text

Tenor, JL, Oehlers, SH, Yang, JL, Tobin, DM, and Perfect, JR. "Live Imaging of Host-Parasite Interactions in a Zebrafish Infection Model Reveals Cryptococcal Determinants of Virulence and Central Nervous System Invasion." mBio 6, no. 5 (September 29, 2015): e01425-e01415.

Full Text

Oehlers, SH, Cronan, MR, Scott, NR, Thomas, MI, Okuda, KS, Walton, EM, Beerman, RW, Crosier, PS, and Tobin, DM. "Interception of host angiogenic signalling limits mycobacterial growth." Nature 517, no. 7536 (January 29, 2015): 612-615.

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