Undergraduate Education

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Duke Immunology encourages Duke Undergraduates to participate in research in our laboratories.  Research topics cover various aspects of contemporary immunobiology, including mechanisms of lymphoid lineage commitment and lymphocyte development, 

Department of Immunology

mechanisms of antigen receptor gene recombination and mutation, mechanisms of lymphocyte activation, effector function and homeostasis, mechanisms of innate immunity and defense against bacterial and viral pathogens, and mechanisms of autoimmunity.

Duke undergraduate students interested in independent study courses should review both the course requirements and the research interests of department faculty.  Independent study courses are only offered in the fall and spring semesters.  Students may contact faculty directly to inquire about research opportunities in their laboratories.

IMM544 is the department's undergraduate introduction to Immunology course.

Learn more about independent study course requirements:

Duke-Davidson Program

The Duke-Davidson Immunology Partnership was established in 2009 by Drs. Yuan Zhuang and Sophia Sarafova, who is a full-time Associate Professor at Davidson College in the Department of Biology and an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Duke Department of Immunology. This program aims to provide Davidson students with an exposure to the subject of immunology from academic and research perspectives, while allowing graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at Duke an opportunity to hone their teaching and mentoring skills. The Duke-Davidson Immunology Summer Program is a ten-week intensive research experience in a faculty laboratory at Duke.  Interested Davidson students who have taken the immunology curriculum can apply for the program.

For additional information, contact Dr. Ed Miao; Edward.miao@duke.edu